Fast and Easy Ways of Travelling to Saint Petersburg, Russia



St. Petersburg with its various galleries, royal residences, parks, houses of prayer and verifiable structures is an extraordinary spot for a social get-away. With the new method for transportation, including ocean ships and high velocity trains, making a trip to the city has become a lot simpler and quicker.


In April, 2010 a ship association between Helsinki in Finland and St. Petersburg was opened. The agreeable vehicle ship is making for the time being travels between the urban communities 2 – 3 times each week. Being the Ice Class boat it is

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worked all the all year.


The ship offers convenience in lodges of various classes for 2 – 4 people. All lodges have private WC and shower. A Class and Deluxe lodges are outside ones with the windows, economy E and B class lodges are inside ones. The ship has a few cafés and bars, an obligation free shop, a club, a sauna and a children club.


Travel costs are about equivalent to the land transport yet an immense benefit of going by ship is that it permits a visa free stay in Russia for as long as 72 hours. It implies that one can bounce on the ship in Helsinki on Thursday, partake in an end of the week visa free Saint Petersburg visit from Friday till Sunday and return to Helsinki on Monday morning. Convenience is organized at one of the lodgings in the downtown area.


In December, 2010 new-high velocity “Allegro” trains were sent off among Helsinki and St. Petersburg. With the accelerate to 220 km each hour and the movement season of around 3.5 hours the train venture by “Allegro” is a lot quicker than it was previously. Custom and boundary checks are directed on-board the train. The trains offer seating convenience in two classes, first and second, a café vehicle, space for crippled travelers and a den for youngsters. Presently there are 4 trains a day toward every path among Helsinki and St. Petersburg including early morning and late night ones. It gives more day time for Saint Petersburg trips.


For the individuals who need to go to Saint Petersburg from Moscow there really depend on 7 rapid “Sapsan” trains a day. Train venture between the Russian capital and Saint Petersburg by “Sapsan” takes around 3.5 – 4 hours. The trains have seating vehicles of the first and second classes, a cafã© vehicle and space for debilitated travelers.

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