A Product Review – The SM-CELL Cell Phone Stun Gun

A Product Review – The SM-CELL Cell Phone Stun Gun



One of the most well known immobilizer models is the Stun Master SM cell immobilizer. This 800,000 volt self preservation item contains the daze impact, a splendid LED spotlight and a 120db caution. The unit looks like a cellphone, not the most recent ultra thin flip telephone but rather still a persuading reproduction regarding a little cellphone. It estimates 4 inches tall, 1 7/8 crawls in width at the abdomen and 1 1/8 inches thick. It is, obviously, a self preservation item and doesn’t work as a cell.


Very close


The case is silver and the buttons are dark. The mimicked show is huge with a gathering of symbols run of the mill of a cell. The dark board over the presentation peruses “Daze Master.” The item accompanies two CR123A lithium batteries and  243 ammo ,  ssailant gets the SM-CELL from you, the tie will disengage and the unit will be left totally inoperable. The unit has a restricted lifetime guarantee.




The SM-CELL sports four practical buttons over the non-working dial buttons. You push the “Power” button to turn the unit on. Two red LED lights come on. The “electroshock” button releases the unit with a flash arcing across the two terminals. The “caution” button enacts a noisy sharp alert as long as the button is squeezed. The “spotlight” button initiates an extremely brilliant “white light” three LED electric lamp. Squeezing the “Power” button again switches the unit off.


The SM-CELL is positively unlocked. It is the main unit to this commentator’s information that incorporates both a caution and a splendid LED electric lamp. As a little something extra, the $59.95 retail cost incorporates two CR123A batteries free. Go to Wal-Mart and these two batteries will cost you about $10.00.


All immobilizers work similarly. The electrical charge is high in voltage yet low in amperage. The high voltage empowers the charge to be successful through clothing however the low amperage keeps the unit non-deadly. The units adequacy differs with the length of utilization. A 1/2 second will cause a few aggravation and strong constriction, one to two seconds will cause muscle fits and a stunned mental state. Three to five seconds will cause loss of equilibrium and disarray. You won’t experience a charge-back to your own body, so you can have a real sense of security regardless of whether your aggressor is contacting you.


The best strike regions on the body are the upper shoulders, lower rib enclosure and upper hip. An immobilizer requires direct body contact to be successful. Pepper splash can be applied from a distance of maybe 5-8 feet. Shopper Taser darts can be pushed from a distance of up to 15 feet. Not at all like pepper splash, immobilizers are unaffected by wind. Besides, there are reports of an oncoming assailant taking off when stood up to with the arcing snap of an immobilizer’s terminals.




Immobilizers are successful self protection items and safe when utilized from a typical perspective moderate style. The SM-CELL is one of the most mind-blowing PDA type immobilizer models accessible with a three-in-one multi-capability activity: immobilizer, caution and electric lamp. It is an exceptional worth in a minimal immobilizer.

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