Liveaboard Diving – Why to Choose Over One Day Trips

Liveaboard Diving – Why to Choose Over One Day Trips

Wake as much as the calm seas because the water takes on the warm pinkish tint of the rising solar. Fresh espresso brews because the boat sails to the first dive sight of the day. Maps are laid out and dive briefs are given. A description of which fish could be seen at which depths. Aboard our Similan Liveaboard (Thailand) the entirety is prepared for us. The topography, the currents, the duration and the benefit of collection after the dive. Down to the dive deck. Music drifting out of the surround sound machine, before the boat reverses and the signal given.


Wake up! A plunge into the sea. BCD completely inflated and bobbing around in refreshing coolness. All prepared? Regs in. Dowwwwn. Silence. Inhale. Exhale. Bubbles. Ok? OK – OK – OK – OK . All four divers down and happy and floating. Now permit the underwater journey start.


Slowly shifting along the reef or round a submerged pinnacle. Swimming over acquainted rocks and coral, touring the same fish whose habits liveaboard diving indonesia  got determined so closely each 4 days that you feel as in case you are journeying a mute pal. At times I regularly surprise at how the twenty or so maximum regularly dived sites around the Similans have grow to be as familiar to me as an urban metropolis, consisting of Khao Lak. The most important difference being of direction that it is able to handiest be an act of the divine to travel around a metropolis suspended in mid-air and controlling your depth with the slightest inhalation or exhalation. There’s also the consistent novelty of the underwater world; the real anticipation of what this dive, notwithstanding the masses earlier than it, will bring: Leopard shark? Mantas? Or the Big Fish itself? Of direction there is usually the surprising; the guitar shark at Breakfast Bend, the bizarre and excellent pleurobranch at Koh Tachai Reef, which ensures that even the maximum dived websites maintain to keep their trump cards.


Sixty mins later and the silence of the underwater international is damaged as concurrently as the surface is. Regs are eliminated, mask are dragged down and after a put off of a few seconds for readjustment, verbal exchange initiated: “Did you notice that?; What was that bizarre looking fish.” Or “WOWOWOWOWOWOW! Its tail nearly hit me!” At this point I will be leaning upon my surface marker revelling inside the continually excessive stage of process pleasure that running as a dive guide in the Similans by no means fails to deliver. Meanwhile, the Captain of the boat will be sounding the horn and crusing over to gather my divers. As a fellow manual constantly comments, “Its just too easy” (stated with a accentuated ‘Zeeee’. Indeed, the liveaboards are the easiest manner to dive the Similans. Dive, Eat, Sleep, Dive, Eat, Sleep and so forth. Or route there may be continually the choice of jumping onto the dingy and exploring one of the Princess’s tropical islands.


Similan Islands variety Four and Eight are on hand to the public, and have super view points throughout turquoise waters and plush inexperienced hills. Some select now not to go away the consolation of the boat! Professing that in place of going to the seaside they might as a substitute “live and loosen up”, that is a comment which in itself makes me smile. One tour chief is renowned for this habituation to boat lifestyles. Just to make sure his days are spent both inside the water of floating above it he describes the island go to as “Bex’s Island Adventure”. However, I love scrambling up the rocks, the usage of the crude however powerful machine of rocks and ladders to attain the top. On the boat the furthest I ever stroll is from the dive platform to my cabin. A unusual comment due to the fact I don’t really sleep in my cabin. After all why sleep inner whilst the sundeck gives a vast view of the night time sky and a soft mild morning wake up?


Paul Land – A diving instructor and fish nerd primarily based in Khao Lak, Thailand. Fortunate sufficient to dive the Similan Islands almost each day.

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