Hot Bodies Racing – Undertails and Huggers

Hot Bodies Racing – Undertails and Huggers

Hot Bodies Dashing is a sportbike parts maker situated in Poway, CA. Most of their colossal achievement can be credited to making greatly well known undertails and huggers to clients who were burnt out on the excessive costs and extensive transportation seasons of abroad contributions. By delivering their parts in the USA and keeping a huge stock they had the option to supply their clients much speedier than numerous different US based shippers who imported their bodywork from different nations. This likewise gave the organization an estimating advantage since they weren’t helpless against global cash vacillations.


Support the Game


The organization puts stock in “supporting the game” by supporting numerous expert race groups in MotoGP, FIM World SuperBike, SuperSport and SuperStock, AMA Ace Dashing and numerous other Global Race Groups.


Hustling Experience


Hot Bodies Dashing is a supporter of the HANNspree Ten Kate group. Its fruitful contribution in cruiser hustling for almost 20 years exhibits certain that Ten Kate cnc machined aluminum parts  has the mastery expected to run a cutthroat bike race group.


They additionally supports Kawasaki Hustling Group (WSBK), Group Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas Dashing (Moto2), Group M4 Beast Energy Suzuki, GEICO Powersports RMR Suzuki, Vesrah Suzuki, Waznie Hustling BMC Ciclo Werks DeWildt Honda (Canadian SBK), Suzuki (AMA), Kane Friesen Beast Kawasaki (Trick Rider), Clint Ewing (Trick Rider), Dan Jackson (Trick Rider), and Speed increase Hustling Suzuki (Canadian SBK).


Innovative work


Worked for speed and worked for the race track, their top-quality built undertails have gone through long stretches of Research and development to make the most attractive, most noteworthy performing, machine-made plans around. Hot Bodies’ new SBK Undertails give your bicycle a cutting edge and forceful World Superbike look and require scarcely any changes, and the best part is, it’s speedy to introduce.


Fabricating Interaction


The Hot Bodies Undertail is made in 1/8 ABS plastic, similar to OEM bodywork, they are molded, CNC managed lastly wrapped up by hand for an excellent fitting. Hot Bodies Undertails are expertly covered with car class paints that are industrial facility matched variety, then, at that point, they are at long last finished with Hotbodies’ most current and most splendid Drove signals and tag lights, to keep them road lawful.


The completed item includes ABS Plastic Undertails w/Lights, tag mounting units, all mounting equipment, establishment directions with photographs and they are gladly made in the USA!


Back Tire Huggers are the ideal accomplice to their Undertails. They look perfect and give you some additional variety by the back tire, yet they likewise assist with keeping the Undertail and shock linkage from getting grimy. All Hot Bodies Huggers can be introduced rapidly and require no long-lasting adjustments to your bicycle.


Hot Bodies Hugger highlights production line variety matched paint for an OEM look, ABS plastic for a manufacturing plant fit, they are a direct OEM substitution fit and they are gladly made in the US.


Other Cruiser Parts and Frill


Hot Bodies Hustling likewise makes windscreens, bumper eliminators, custom bodywork, MGP debilitates, Drove signals, race bodywork, outline sliders, and relaxed attire.

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