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December 2023: Best pre-Christmas prices on Amazon Echo devices

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    Amazon's avalanche of Black Friday deals has barely melted away, and the shopping giant has already blanketed its Echo device range with a fresh flurry of discounts for December 2023.

    The offers include discounts of over 50% on selected Echo products, and price cuts on new-for-2023 devices such as the the Echo Pop smart speaker and the Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) smart display.

    Amazon devices are frequently discounted, so it's always worth watching for price drops on products including Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers and displays, via Amazon and other retailers such as Argos and Currys.

    In addition to the Echo range, customers can often save on selected items in the Kindle range, plus Fire tablets, Fire TV sets and Fire TV Stick and Cubes.

    Amazon also frequently runs promotional offers on services like Audible, Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited.

    amazon echo pop 2023 edition


    We've compiled the current and previous prices on the various Echo devices, so you can get a clear idea of how good the deals are and whether you want to splash your cash.

    Our last price check was on Wednesday, December 6. Shipping dates vary – we'd advise checking the individual product pages for the latest information.

    Best pre-Christmas Amazon Echo deals December 2023

    Echo Show 8 | 2nd generation (2021 release)

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    Echo Show 8 | 2nd generation (2021 release)

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    Hype Tech

    Now 50% Off

    Credit: Amazon

    Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) RRP £119.99, now £59.99

    Echo Show 8 (3nd gen) RRP £149.99, now £124.99

    Echo Show 5 (3rd gen) Kids RRP £99.99, now £94.99 (Currys)

    Echo Dot (4th gen) with Philips Hue E27 smart bulb RRP £64.99, now £44.99 (Argos)

    Echo Dot (4th gen) with Philips Hue B22 smart bulb RRP £64.99, now £44.99 (Argos)

    Echo Dot (5th gen) RRP £54.99, now £24.99

    Echo Dot with clock (5th gen) RRP £64.99, now £39.99

    Echo Pop RRP £44.99, now £19.99

    Echo (4th gen) RRP £109.99, now £49.99

      Amazon Echo devices explained: Echo Flex, Echo Dot, Echo Pop, Echo Studio and Echo Show

      Amazon smart speaker devices include various sizes and prices, all with built-in AI assistant Alexa. The Echo Flex is the most basic version, which plugs into your power sockets at home, while the Echo Studio is a high-end speaker aimed at music fans.

      The Amazon Echo has all the benefits of a smart speaker, including making to-do lists, setting timers and delivering weather, travel and news updates. Of course, you can also stream music, play podcasts and use it as a hub for remotely controlling other smart items in your home, as well as other Amazon speakers.

      The Amazon Echo Dot is a mini speaker spin-off from the retailer's original Amazon Echo. The first three generations of the Echo Dot were small, hockey-puck-sized alternatives to the full-size speaker.

      However, after the Echo Dot 3rd generation, the Echo Dot 4th generation and the Echo Dot 5th generation abandoned the previous design for a spherical speaker up to 8.9cm tall. In 2023, Amazon launched a new half-sphere speaker, the Echo Pop, which looks like an Echo Dot sliced in half.

      Then, finally, there are the Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10 and Echo Show 15. These are essentially Alexa-enabled smart displays with touchscreens, cameras and many of the functions listed above. You can use them for streaming, video calls and even as a smart recipe book using the Cooking Library function.

      It's also worth making an honourable mention of Amazon's Echo Buds (2nd gen), which, as the name suggests, are wireless headphones with Alexa voice technology built in. They come with five hours of battery life, which is boosted to 15 hours by charging via their protective case. They're also compatible with iOS and Android.

      Best Amazon Echo Pop deals

      Amazon Echo Pop | Midnight Teal

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      Amazon Echo Pop | Midnight Teal

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      Amazon Alexa

      Now 56% Off

      The Amazon Echo Pop is a new Echo device launched in summer 2023, with an RRP of £44.99. However, thanks to a superb December discount, you can currently pick up the Pop for £19.99.

      That's almost the best-ever deal on the Pop, but not quite. In one of the highlights of Black Friday Week 2023, this speaker's price dropped to £17.99 for three colourways – lavender, black and white.

      The Pop has since returned to full price, but it's always worth checking for fresh offers on this frequently discounted device.

      Best Amazon Echo 4th generation deals

      Echo (4th generation)

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      Echo (4th generation)

      VIDEO: Amazon Echo Dot 5th gen: NEW Display + Speakers!
      Smart Home Solver

      Credit: Amazon

      This premium version of the Amazon Echo has an RRP of £109.99.

      Currently, this speaker is on sale at £49.99, its joint lowest price to date, matching its pricing during Amazon's Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days events in 2023.

      Previously, the Echo's sale price has ranged from £49.99 to £89.99.

      Best Amazon Echo Dot 5th generation deals

      Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release)

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      Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation, 2022 release)

      VIDEO: All-new Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen, 2023 release) | Amazon Alexa
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      Now 55% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      Launched in October 2022, the Echo Dot (5th gen) has an RRP of £54.99. As part of Amazon's current limited-time reductions on Echo devices, you can pick up this Dot model for a very reasonable £24.99.

      For Black Friday 2023, this speaker was priced at £21.99, the lowest we've seen to date (and matching its Amazon Prime Day 2023 sales price).

      Echo Dot with clock

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      Echo Dot with clock

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      Now 38% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      The excellent Echo Dot with Clock (5th gen) is currently available at a sale price of £39.99. That's 38% off the speaker's £64.99 RRP.

      You can occasionally pick up this super-smart speaker even cheaper. Its Black Friday sale price was £31.99, matching the lowest pricing we've seen.

      And especially for the smart kid in your life, The Echo Dot Kids (5th gen), available with an owl or dragon pattern on its case, retails for £64.99. During the Black Friday sale, its price dropped to £26.99, matching its record low pricing from the previous month.

      Best Amazon Echo Dot Kids deals

      The idea of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids smart speaker is that children can ask Alexa questions, get help with their homework, play music, call approved friends and family and listen to child-friendly audiobooks with the Amazon Kids+ 12-month subscription that's included with new purchases.

      Amazon Echo Dot Kids (5th gen, 2022 release) with Owl design

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      Amazon Echo Dot Kids (5th gen, 2022 release) with Owl design

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      Credit: Amazon

      This also has games and apps compatible with other Amazon devices.

      Amazon Kids+ normally costs:

      • £3.99 per month for Prime members | £6.99 for non-Prime members
      • £38 per year for Prime members | £68 per year for non-Prime members

      We'd advise supervision and reviewing the Amazon Kids+ content yourself before leaving your kids alone to peruse, but Amazon claims that no purchases can be made without parental approval.

      You can also set time limits and lockout non-educational features until learning requirements have been met. Also, Amazon has signed up many partners, including CBeebies, Warners, Disney and LEGO.

      The Amazon Echo Dot Kids 5th generation smart speaker has an RRP of £64.99, and sometimes drops significantly in price during sale periods. Its Black Friday deal price was £26.99.

      The speaker has two designs to choose from, an owl or a dragon. These replace the Amazon Echo Dot Kids 4th generation smart speaker, which featured panda and tiger designs.

      Best Amazon Echo Flex deals

      The cheapest Echo speaker of recent times is the Echo Flex, which is currently out of stock at Amazon and hard to come by elsewhere. This should come as little surprise, as the speaker had recently been on sale at Amazon for a ludicrously low £4.99.

      Amazon Echo Flex

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      Amazon Echo Flex

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      Credit: Amazon

      Even at full price (which is a rarity these days), this speaker is a steal, with an RRP of £24.99. You can still pick up a Flex via a few retailers such as EE, and if you want one, we'd suggest you move fast. Amazon's website states: "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

      The Flex plugs into power sockets in your house and comes with Alexa to share information like news, weather and traffic. It can also be configured to control smart devices in your home, such as lights and the thermostat.

      On a less positive note, the Echo Flex isn't the best standalone option for music playback, so we'd recommend connecting it to an external speaker or buying one of the other Echo speakers instead.

      Best Amazon Echo Show 5 deals (3rd generation)

      All-new Echo Show 5 (3rd generation)

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      Automate Your Life

      All-new Echo Show 5 (3rd generation)

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      Now 50% Off

      The 2023 edition of the Echo Show 5 (the 3rd-generation device) is currently half-price at £44.99.

      This deal matches the new Show 5's pricing from Black Friday Week, Amazon Prime Day and Prime Big Deal Days earlier in 2023. Ironically, it's a show-stopping deal, and a big improvement from the RRP of £89.99.

      Echo Show 5 (3rd generation) Kids

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      Echo Show 5 (3rd generation) Kids

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      Now 45% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      The Echo Show (3rd gen) Kids device, with its galaxy starfield-patterned outer shell, usually retails slightly higher at £99.99. However, it's currently on sale at £54.99, matching its price from Black Friday.

      Best Amazon Echo Show 8 deals

      Echo Show 8 | 2nd generation (2021 release)

      VIDEO: Ultimate Smart Assistant Showdown 2023! Alexa vs Siri vs Google
      Smart Home Solver

      Echo Show 8 | 2nd generation (2021 release)

      VIDEO: Watch Before You Buy The Amazon Echo Show 10!

      Now 50% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      Amazon is currently discounting the Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) smart display to £59.99. That's a 50% saving on the £119.99 RRP.

      Launched in 2021, the 2nd-gen Show 8 is no longer the latest iteration of its device line. However, it's still a great smart display, with a 13 MP camera, built-in Alexa and Netflix compatibility.

      Amazon All-new Echo Show 8 (3rd generation, 2023 release)

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      Amazon All-new Echo Show 8 (3rd generation, 2023 release)

      VIDEO: Amazon Echo Dot tips and tricks: 10 cool Alexa features to try!

      Now 17% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      The Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen) is the latest iteration of Amazon's 8-inch smart home hub, offering an impressive feature set including an HD touchscreen, spatial audio, and, of course, onboard Alexa.

      Amazon only launched the third generation of the Echo Show 8 on October 25, but these shiny, new smart displays are now on sale at £124.99 (17% off the RRP of £149.99).

      The device was given a deeper price cut for Black Friday, with a sale price of £119.99. So, it's well worth watching this space for further reductions.

      Best Amazon Echo Show 10 deals

      Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

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      Craig's Tech Talk

      Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd generation)

      VIDEO: Why You Should Buy the New Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)
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      Now 29% Off

      The third-generation Echo Show 10 debuted in 2020, and has an RRP of £259.99. However, you can currently pick up the flashy device on sale for £184.99.

      It's always worth looking out for significant price drops on the Echo Show 10 during sale periods, as we discovered during Black Fridays 2022 (£169.99) and 2023 (£184.99).

      Best Amazon Echo Show 15 Deals

      Amazon Echo Show 15 + Remote | Full HD 15.6

      VIDEO: EVERYTHING You Can Do With The Echo Show 5
      Steve DOES

      Amazon Echo Show 15 + Remote | Full HD 15.6

      VIDEO: Best Amazon Echo Devices of 2023 | Smarter Living and Entertainment
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      Now 27% Off

      Credit: Amazon

      The flagship Amazon Echo Show 15 launched in December 2021, and is now usually sold as a bundle with an Alexa Voice Remote for £299.98.

      During Black Friday 2023, the Echo Show 15 had an outstanding deal price of £209.99. There's some serious consolation for Amazon Prime members who missed that sale, however, as you can currently buy the Show 15 + remote bundle at an exclusive price of £219.98.

      Best Amazon Echo Studio deals

      Amazon Echo Studio

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      Amazon Echo Studio

      VIDEO: New Amazon Devices for 2023! Echos, Fire TV Sticks...
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      Credit: Amazon

      The Amazon Echo Studio is currently retailing at its RRP of £219.99. Its Black Friday sale price was £164.99, its lowest of the year via Amazon.


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